Sumeet Bajaj

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TrustedDB is an outsourced database prototype that allows clients to execute SQL queries with privacy and under regulatory compliance constraints without having to trust the service provider. TrustedDB achieves this by leveraging server-hosted tamper-proof trusted hardware in critical query processing stages. TrustedDB does not limit the query(More)
It has become apparent that in the digital world data once stored is never truly deleted even when such an expunction is desired either as a normal system function or for regulatory compliance purposes. Forensic Analysis techniques on systems are often successful at recovering information said to have been deleted in the past. Efforts aimed at thwarting(More)
Ensuring complete irrecoverability of deleted data is difficult to achieve in modern systems. Simply overwriting data or deploying encryption with ephemeral keys is not sufficient. The mere (previous) existence of deleted records impacts the current system state implicitly at all layers. This can be used as an oracle to derive information about the past(More)
The way data structures organize data is often a function of the sequence of past operations. The organization of data is referred to as the data structure's state, and the sequence of past operations constitutes the data structure's history. A data structure state can, therefore, be used as an oracle to derive information about its history. For(More)
In an outsourced data framework, we introduce and demonstrate mechanisms for securely storing a set of data items (documents) on an un-trusted server, while allowing for subsequent conjunctive keyword searches for matching documents. The protocols provide full computational privacy, query correctness assurances and no leaks: the server either correctly(More)
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