Sumedha Guha

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AH197, a trinuclear Ru(III)/Pt(II) metal complex, is strikingly more effective than the hallmark anticancer drug cisplatin and the Ru(III) clinical candidate NAMI-A in its binding to RNA and inhibition of primer DNA synthesis. Heteromultinuclear complexes could potentially serve as far better chemotherapeutics than mononuclear complexes.
The reaction of Na[RuCl4(SO(CH3)2)2], 1, with one equivalent of FcCONHCH2C6H4N (Fc=FeC10H9), L1, FcCOOCH2CH2C3H3N2, L2, FcCOOC6H4N, L3, afforded the dinuclear species, Na[FcCONHCH2C6H4N[RuCl4(SO(CH3)2)]], RuL1, Na[FcCOOCH2CH2C3H3N2[RuCl4(SO(CH3)2)]], RuL2, Na[FcCOOC6H4N(RuCl4(SO(CH3)2))], RuL3, respectively, yielding, in each case, a ferrocene moiety(More)
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