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An Algorithm to Improve Performance over Multihop Wireless Mesh Network
We propose a new TCP scheme for multi-hop wireless mesh networks, by modifying the sender side congestion control functionality of TCP NewReno, which is tuned towards improving the performance of TCP. Expand
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Parallel Approach for Protein Structure Prediction
Proteins are building blocks of our life. The understanding of protein structures is vital to determine the function of a protein. Protein structure prediction (PSP) from amino acid sequence is oneExpand
TCP over Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Network
The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) was designed to provide reliable end-to-end delivery of data over unreliable networks. Traditionally TCP was designed and optimized only for wired networks.Expand
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An Approach: Combining Clustering and Classification for Handling DataStream
Traditional databases have been used in applications that require static data storage and comprises complex querying. But, Nowdays due to increase in use of Internet a huge continously changing dataExpand