Sumati V Raghavan

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Polypharmacy is common in drug prescriptions of chronic kidney disease patients. A study of the prescription patterns of drugs with potential interactions would be of interest to prevent drug related adverse events. A prospective observational study of six months (Dec 2009-May 2010) was carried out among the chronic kidney disease patients admitted to the(More)
A previous method was modified to obtain [99mTc(TBI)6]+ by reacting Zn(TBI)2Br2 directly with 99mTcO4- in the presence of Sn2+ ions. [Cu(TBI)4]Cl was next used as a source of TBI. On reaction with 99mTcO4- and Sn2+ ions for 3 min at 100 degrees C, [99mTc(TBI)6]+ product of radiochemical purity greater than 90% and yield greater than 70% was obtained. Data(More)
BACKGROUND Nitrous oxide is a commonly used anesthetic that inhibits the activity of methionine synthase, an enzyme involved in methylation reactions and DNA synthesis and repair. This inhibition triggers vacuole formation and degeneration of neurons in areas of the developing and mature brain that are important for spatial memory, raising the possibility(More)
Potassium homeostasis was studied in 30 patients undergoing cardiac surgery by employing cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and moderate hypothermia, and using morphine, N2O, relaxant anaesthesia. There was a trend for hypokalemia, and for maintaining a K+ level of 4-4.5 mmol/l, K+ infusion was required during CPB (9.017 mmol/m2 BSA/h). K+ infusion required in(More)
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