Sumathy Eswaran

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The Semantic Web which is a collaborative movement led by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is gaining popularity among the web users. Ontology forms the backbone of semantic web in representing data. A Paddy ontology created for the agro repository is presented in this paper. Based on Resource Description Framework/Web Ontology Language specifications(More)
Task-centric wireless sensor network environments are often characterized by the simultaneous operation of multiple tasks. Individual tasks compete for constrained resources and thus need resource mediation algorithms at two levels. First, different sensors must be allocated to different tasks based on the combination of sensor attributes and task(More)
Longest Common Sequence problem is the most fundamental task in Computational Biology. This is not only a classical problem but also a challenging problem in bio sequences application. Many algorithms are being developed and these are discussed in terms of resource utilization efficiency. This paper proposes a model based on SRLCS algorithm [11] to obtain(More)
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