Sumaru Niida

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As the variety of mobile services increases, the uses of mobile communications become more diverse and the control of service quality from a user experience perspective becomes increasingly important in mobile service design. The quality of the network is one of the critical factors determining mobile service quality. However, quality has mainly been(More)
We propose a system for collecting and connecting people's stories. In order to help encourage participants to engage their “expression mode,” we employed mobile phones for video capture, as opposed to traditional video cameras. As part of our work, we held a workshop in an art festival. In the workshop, facilitators capture participants'(More)
The Technical Committee on Communication Behavior Engineering addresses the research question “How do we construct a communication network system that includes users?”. The growth in highly functional networks and terminals has brought about greater diversity in users’ lifestyles and freed people from the restrictions of time and place. Under this(More)
Understanding the Quality of Experience (QoE) of users is important for network and service providers. Many researches of QoE have been reported where subjective analysis, e.g. in the form of Mean Opinion Score (MOS), for audio/video applications and data services are performed. These studies mainly focus on how users feel while using such applications. In(More)
The number of smartphone users has increased markedly in recent years. They enjoy multimedia services, such as video streaming, unconstrained by time and place. However, mobile streaming services require a high throughput, and may have an impact on network capacity. The control of service quality is important from both the perspective of user experience and(More)