Sumanth Yenduri

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In this paper, we conduct an experimental study over two groups of students comprising of undergraduate students (seniors) who develop software using the conventional way of performing unit testing after development and also by extracting test cases before implementation as in Agile Programming. Both groups developed the same software using an incremental(More)
We consider the improvement in accuracy of latent semantic analysis when a part of speech tagger is used to augment a term/document matrix. We first construct an augmented term/document matrix as input into singular value decomposition (SVD). The singular values then serve as principal components for a cosine projection. The results show that the addition(More)
17 In this study, we compare the performance of four different imputation strategies ranging from the commonly used Listwise Deletion to model based approaches such as the Max-19 imum Likelihood on enhancing completeness in incomplete software project data sets. We evaluate the impact of each of these methods by implementing them on six different 21(More)