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evaluation of ovarian response to photoperiodic control measures in Camelus dromedarius. abStRact The present study was carried out with two objectives, (a) the use of ultrasound scanners to study the effect of 'mask on eyes' as a photoperiodic control measure for folliculogenesis in female camels, (b) Use of blood progesterone assays to monitor ovarian(More)
Sir, Recently, Rajan et al. reported a case of amyo-trophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with bulbar symptoms (Q J Med 2013; 106:875–6). Although not labelled, the authors describe focal hyperintensities on axial T2-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in the lower pons and assert that these are located 'in the region of facial nerve nuclei bilaterally'.(More)
Semen was collected from six dromedary camels using artificial vagina during rutting season. Liquefaction of the viscous semen occurred in 23.89 ± 1.49 h. During liquefaction, proteins with molecular masses of 24.55 kDa and 22.07 kDa appeared in conjunction with the disappearance of intact 26.00 kDa protein after 18-24 h. These proteins were identified as(More)
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