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Immune infertility has gained impetus in recent years. Various scientific studies have been carried out on the toxic effects of lead on immune function; however, uncertainties still persist. The present study addresses the immunomodulatory effects of testicular macrophages caused due to lead exposure (in-vivo). In mice, lead has a primary effect on the(More)
PROBLEM The present study investigates the extent of immunomodulatory effects associated with semenological alterations in the testes, after exposure to cadmium (in vivo) in male Swiss albino mice. Despite residing in an immunopriviledged site, testicular macrophages have immunogenic functions. METHODS OF STUDY Experimental animals were divided into two(More)
Different correlations are evaluated for the determination of (242)Pu in Pu generated from PHWR reactors with an average burn-up of about 10,000 MWd/TU. It is shown that the correlations involving ratios of Pu isotopes, except for (241)Pu, provide data with better confidence compared with those involving the atom% abundance. These correlations are also(More)
Synonymous codons are used with different frequencies, a phenomenon known as codon bias, which exists in many genomes and is mainly resolute by mutation and selection. To elucidate the genetic characteristics and evolutionary relationship of Wucheraria bancrofti and Schistosoma haematobium we examined the pattern of synonymous codon usage in nuclear genes(More)
The SRY gene is present within the sex-determining region of the Y chromosome which is responsible for maleness in mammals. The nonuniform usage of synonymous codons in the mRNA transcript for encoding a particular amino acid is the codon usage bias (CUB). Analysis of codon usage pattern is important to understand the genetic and molecular organisation of a(More)
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