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What was left out was the effect of medication that the patient may already be taking. Though Beta blockers are safe in COPD,[4] their effect on Asthma[5] is well known and some of these patients could be having Positive Bronchodilator Test, which could be a confounding factor. As a cautionary note, in a recent study of patients with severe COPD and IHD,(More)
Scrub typhus occurs in almost all parts of India and is endemic1. Many researchers have reported the profile of scrub typhus from various parts of India with diagnosis based on IgM ELISA2-4. Eschar is pathognomonic for rickettsiosis including scrub typhus, but its presence has not been reported as a marker of disease severity. Kim et al5 found absence of(More)
Snake bite envenomations are common in rural areas and the incidence peaks during monsoons in India. Prominent venomous species have been traditionally labeled as the 'big four' that includes Cobra, Krait, Russel's viper and Saw scaled viper. Systematic attempts for identification and classification of prevalent snakes in various states of India are missing(More)
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