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In 2001, Chou et al. published a study of faults found by applying a static analyzer to Linux versions 1.0 through 2.4.1. A major result of their work was that the drivers directory contained up to 7 times more of certain kinds of faults than other directories. This result inspired a number of development and research efforts on improving the reliability of(More)
Omitting resource-release operations in systems error handling code can lead to memory leaks, crashes, and deadlocks. Finding omission faults is challenging due to the difficulty of reproducing system errors, the diversity of system resources, and the lack of appropriate abstractions in the C language. To address these issues, numerous approaches have been(More)
In this work, we propose an approach to the spatiotemporal localisation (detection) and classification of multiple concurrent actions within temporally untrimmed videos. Our framework is composed of three stages. In stage 1, appearance and motion detection networks are employed to localise and score actions from colour images and optical flow. In stage 2,(More)
A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted among brothel-based sex workers of West Bengal, eastern India, to understand sex-trafficking, violence, negotiating skills, and HIV infection in them. In total, 580 sex workers from brothels of four districts participated in the study. A pretested questionnaire was introduced to study their(More)
Bluetooth is a wireless specification delivering short-range radio communication between electronic devices that are equipped with specialized Bluetooth chips. It lets nearly all devices talk to one another by creating a common language between them. The basic Bluetooth network topology (referred to as a piconet) is a collection of slave devices operating(More)
Although wireless sensor network was a trend of past few years, lots of researchers have been working for its development. As a consequence, they have developed new research works. But within these works, very few works are for disaster managements in hybrid networks of sensor networks and cellular networks. However, among these few works, no works consider(More)
The C language does not provide any abstractions for exception handling or other forms of error handling, leaving programmers to devise their own conventions for detecting and handling errors. The Linux coding style guidelines suggest placing error handling code at the end of each function, where it can be reached by gotos whenever an error is detected.(More)
Web application (WA) expands its usages to provide more and more services and it has become one of the most essential communication channels between service providers and the users. To augment the users’ experience many web applications are using client side scripting languages such as JavaScript but this growing of JavaScript is increasing serious security(More)
We present a method for multiple spatiotemporal (S/T) action localisation, classification and early prediction based on a single deep learning framework, able to perform in an online fashion and in real time. Our online action detection pipeline comprises of three main steps. In step one, two end-to-end trainable SSD (Single Shot MultiBox Detector)(More)
We report a case of mycotic keratitis caused by a rare fungus Schizophyllum commune. Clinical examination, slit-lamp examination, and microbiological evaluation of the corneal ulcer were done, and its treatment outcome was studied. The fungal etiology was established by conventional microbiological techniques, polymerase chain reaction and speciation by DNA(More)