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Massive levels of integration are making modern multicore chips all pervasive in several domains. High performance, robustness, and energy-efficiency are crucial for the widespread adoption of such platforms. Networks-on-Chip (NoCs) have emerged as communication backbones to enable a high degree of integration in multicore Systems-on-Chip (SoCs). Despite(More)
This paper presents a high-efficiency 60-GHz on-off keying (OOK) transmitter (TX) designed for wireless network-on-chip applications. Aiming at an intra-chip communication distance of 20 mm, the TX consists of a drive amplifier (DA), a high-speed OOK modulator, and a transformer-coupled voltage-controlled oscillator. For high efficiency, a common-source(More)
A Ku-, K-, and Ka-band phase shifter for beamforming applications is presented in this paper. An analysis showing the effect of loading conditions on quadrature phase accuracy in a simple poly-phase filter is carried out. Based on the analysis, a novel quadrature phase shifter (QPS) with inductive load is proposed. Sign-selection and vector addition is(More)
A low phase error X-band eight-channel SiGe PIN diode phased array receiver for 9.5-11.5 GHz application has been proposed and fabricated in a commercial 0.18-μm SiGe BiCMOS process. High performance PIN diode switches used in phase shifters ensure low phase error for all phase states. The 9.5-11.5 GHz receiver, which consists of LNAs, VGAs, PIN(More)
This paper illustrates the feasibility of designing a power-efficient millimeter-wave (mm-wave) transceiver for on-chip wireless communication networks. The performance of the on-chip wireless interconnect using mm-wave transceiver was evaluated through both theoretical analysis as well as system-level simulations in Simulink. To reduce the bit error rate(More)
Design techniques for a load-independent low-power low-phase-noise CMOS LC direct bulk-coupled quadrature voltage-controlled oscillator (DBC-QVCO) is presented in this paper. A capacitor tapping technique is used to lower the phase noise and achieve load-independent frequency of oscillation. Class-C operation is used to further reduce the phase noise and(More)
This paper presents an 8<sup>th</sup> sub-harmonic injection locked V-band oscillator for low power LO routing in mm-wave beamformers. The VCO uses an inductively cross-coupled transformer for transconductance boosting. Injection is carried out through a customized three inductor transformer connected to achieve twice the coupling strength between any two(More)