Suman Niranjan

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Considerable research has been undertaken to explain and predict user acceptance of novel technologies at work. Although theoretical and empirical support has accumulated in favor of the powerful and parsimonious explanation provided by the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), key knowledge voids remain. One factor that may be related to the adoption of new(More)
To ensure quality of pharmaceutical raw materials and products it is very important to monitor specific factors throughout supply chain. In cold chains, temperature is closely controlled and monitored. Furthermore, it is critical to retain all associated information artifacts from a reporting, inspection and auditing standpoint. Loss in information can(More)
In this paper we study the impact of inventory allocation policy on the downstream supply variance in a two-echelon system with multiple sources of demand in the upper echelon. Allocation policies play a crucial role in deciding the amount of inventory assigned to every source of demand. The cause of the supply variance is always attributed by the(More)
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