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BACKGROUND The burden of diabetes and its foot complications is increasing in India. Prevention of these complications through foot care education should be explored. The objective of our study was to assess the risk factors of poor diabetic foot care and to find the effectiveness of health education in improving foot care practice among diabetes patients.(More)
In the present days, the data on particular topic availability is huge and massive. The network virtualization plays very important role in the field of internet. For the Future Internet, Network Virtualization recognized a technology that overcome network ossification [18].Due to existence of the multiple confliction policies, services and alternations to(More) Vol 12 December 2012 907 factors of hospital admission for all-cause severe anaemia. Because vitamins A and B12 are essential for erythropoiesis and have immunemodulating eff ects, we anticipate increased effi cacy can be achieved when monthly IPTpd is combined with micronutrient supplementation and short-term antimicrobial(More)
Use of Insecticide-Treated Bednets (ITNs) has been shown to reduce the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases. However, the impact of ITNs depends on its community acceptance. We studied the ITN usage and factors influencing it, following the distribution of one ITN to each family in an urban area of Puducherry. Around 93.6% of the 157 respondents surveyed(More)
BACKGROUND Educated women are known to take informed reproductive and healthcare decisions. These result in population stabilization and better infant care reflected by lower birth rates and infant mortality rates (IMRs), respectively. MATERIALS AND METHODS Our objective was to study the relationship of male and female literacy rates with crude birth(More)
Encephalocele is a rare lesion, being an embryological mesodermal anomaly which results in a defect in the cranium and dura, associated with herniation of meninges, cerebrospinal fluid, or brain tissues through a defect usually covered by scalp. Surgical management of children with giant occipital encephalocele requires careful attention to pediatric(More) Vol 13 November 2013 915 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis recover uneventfully without major complications with multidrug treatment. The most important fi nding is that not one patient died in four of the fi ve trials that assessed the eff ects of steroids in pulmonary tuberculosis in the era of multidrug treatment. The only(More)