Suman Kumar Saurabh

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— Filters play an important role in most RF and Microwave applications. Currently, the electromagnetic spectrum is limited, and the applications are restricted to occupy just a portion of frequency range without affecting the equipment working out of band and also, without being affected by adjacent devices. Emerging applications such as wireless(More)
In the present days, the data on particular topic availability is huge and massive. The network virtualization plays very important role in the field of internet. For the Future Internet, Network Virtualization recognized a technology that overcome network ossification [18].Due to existence of the multiple confliction policies, services and alternations to(More)
BACKGROUND The burden of diabetes and its foot complications is increasing in India. Prevention of these complications through foot care education should be explored. The objective of our study was to assess the risk factors of poor diabetic foot care and to find the effectiveness of health education in improving foot care practice among diabetes patients.(More)
Day by day the web size is growing enormously because at each and every second data is uploaded and downloaded from the web. Some data have proper link to address its location over the web but some data do not provide its proper link that causes the un-accessing of the document. So, it is very difficult to find matches in data for known patterns of interest(More)
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