Suman Kumar Roy

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Childhood immunization is the most successful and cost-effective public health intervention. It is one of the best indicators to evaluate the health outcomes and services distributed across social and economic groups. A descriptive, cross sectional study was done in a rural block among 210 children between 12 23 months and their care givers for duration of(More)
From 1987-1989, researchers conducted a double blind randomized controlled clinical trial among 301 infants 3-24 months old with acute or persistent diarrhea in Bangladesh to determine the impact of 2 weeks of zinc acetate (15mg/kg/day) supplementation on intestinal function, morbidity, and growth. A significant increase in mean serum levels of zinc(More)
Background: One out of 750 children born in the world suffers from club foot and among them 80% was in low and middle income countries. Most of these babies had limited access to receive effective treatment for their clubfoot. While receiving treatment, their parents were facing several problems and barriers to complete the treatment regime. Although the(More)
A cross-sectional study was carried out at Naihati municipal area in West Bengal to study the prevalence and some epidemiological factors in transmission of leprosy. Side by side, the validity of WHO operational classification was also tested by using slit skin smear examination as gold standard. A group of trained paramedical workers, supervised by(More)