Suman Kumar Mishra

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Starchy foods of differing structure, including bakery products, breakfast cereals, pastas, and pulses were digested in vitro. Bakery products and processed breakfast cereals with little resilient structure yielded large amounts of rapidly available carbohydrate (RAC), less slowly digested starch (SDS) and little inaccessible digestible starch (IDS)(More)
The degree of mastication varies significantly between individuals and may be a cause for the considerable interindividual variation observed in the glycemic response (GR) to a single food. Using rice as the model, the aim of this study was to determine if interindividual differences in mastication and resulting degree of particle breakdown affected in(More)
The physicochemical properties of plant cell walls in the gut are important in modulating processes that influence health. We investigated the physicochemical properties of kiwifruit cell walls digested under gastric and gastroileal conditions in vitro. Soluble and insoluble undigested polymer fractions were measured, the hydration properties of the(More)
Glycaemic responses to foods reflect the balance between glucose loading into, and its clearance from, the blood. Current in vitro methods for glycaemic analysis do not take into account the key role of glucose disposal. The present study aimed to develop a food intake-sensitive method for measuring the glycaemic impact of food quantities usually consumed,(More)
BACKGROUND We have devised a simple assay to detect adequate biotin intake, which uses an alternative configuration from most existing assays. METHODS The assay depends on the competition of streptavidin peroxidase for immobilized biotin or soluble biotin in standards or samples. Immobilized streptavidin peroxidase is detected using tetramethylbenzidine,(More)
The relative glycemic impact (RGI), the weight of glucose that would induce a glycemic response equivalent to that induced by a given amount of food, is preferably expressed for reference amounts of foods customarily consumed per eating occasion. But because customarily consumed portions of different foods deliver different glycemic carbohydrate doses,(More)
Practical values to guide food choices for control of postprandial glycaemia need to refer to entire foods in amounts customarily consumed. We tested an in vitro method for determining the relative glycaemic impact (RGI) of customarily consumed portions of foods. Sugars released during in vitro pancreatic digestion of eighty-three foods were measured as(More)
In present scenario, high performance cluster-based web server is needed to be deployed by banking services to fit the ever – increasing demands of the online banking users. In the last few years, the increased pressure of high-online banking users have overloaded the existing web clusters and thus they fail to supply better services to all the online users(More)
Experimental methods are constantly being improved by new technology. Recently a new technology, NanoString®, has been introduced to the market for the analysis of gene expression. Our experiments used adipose and liver samples collected from a rat feeding trial to explore gene expression changes resulting from a diet of 7.5% seaweed. Both quantitative(More)