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We report seasonal variation in CH(4) and N(2)O emission rate from solid storage of bovine manure in Delhi as well as emission factors and emission inventory from manure management systems in India. Emission flux observed in the year 2002-2003 was 4.29+/-1, 4.84+/-2.44 and 12.92+/-4.25 mg CH(4)kg(-1)dung day(-1), as well as 31.29+/-4.93, 72.11+/-16.22 and(More)
Physical and optical properties of biomass burning aerosols in Northeastern region, India analyzed based on measurements made during February 2002. Large spatial extent of Northeastern Region moist tropical to moist sub-tropical forests in India have high frequency of burning in annual dry seasons. Characterization of resultant trace gases and aerosols from(More)
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