Suman Kochhar

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BACKGROUND Transpedicular stabilization of subaxial cervical spine is a very delicate procedure that requires thorough understanding of the pedicle anatomy to minimize the rate of neurovascular complications. The current study was conducted to investigate the morphometric details including dimensions and axis of typical cervical vertebrae (C3-C6) for(More)
The present study was undertaken to compare the efficacy of needle core biopsy (NCB) of the breast with fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in breast lesions (palpable and non-palpable) in the Indian set-up, along with the assessment of tumor grading with both the techniques. Fifty patients with suspicious breast lesions were subjected to simultaneous(More)
A 79-year-old woman with pseudophakia who underwent Nd:YAG posterior capsulotomy for posterior capsular opacification in her right eye had increased intraocular pressure associated with a flat anterior chamber. Full-thickness patent iridotomy performed with an Nd:YAG laser did not reduce the intraocular pressure. B-scan ultrasonography showed aqueous(More)
There is no unanimity in literature on sexual dimorphism or on age related morphophometric changes in the Corpus Callosum (CC). For comprehensive data 44 preserved human brains (22 male and 22 female) and 30 MRI scans from North-west Indian population were studied. Morphometric measurements of the CC and its subregions were taken at the midsagittal level in(More)
OBJECTIVE Down syndrome (DS) has major resource implications especially in developing countries being third most important cause of mental handicap. Maternal serum screening for chromosomal aneuploidies and neural tube defects (NTDs) is practiced worldwide in many countries and has been integrated into mainstream health care, while it is gradually gaining(More)
Blunt diaphragmatic rupture rarely accounts for immediate mortality and may go clinically silent until complications occur which can be life threatening. Although many imaging techniques have proven useful for the diagnosis of blunt diaphragmatic rupture, multidetector CT (MDCT) is considered to be the reference standard for the diagnosis of diaphragmatic(More)
INTRODUCTION Morphometric measurements of the corpus callosum (CC) are necessary to have normative values for studying sex, age and race related variations. METHODS Morphometry of the CC was done in preserved brain specimens and in MRI scans, in adults.The measurements included parameters like length, width, height of the cc, distances between genu and(More)