Suman Bhattacharjee

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In this paper, we propose SAGE-PRoPHET, a security enhanced PRoPHET routing protocol that enables secure dissemination of post disaster situational messages using history of group encounters. Post disaster rescue and relief operations are essentially group based, where volunteers and rescue workers, belonging to different rescue groups, relay situational(More)
Despite concerted efforts for relaying crucial situational information, disaster relief volunteers experience significant communication challenges owing to failures of critical infrastructure and longstanding power outages in disaster affected areas. Researchers have proposed the use of smartphones, working in delay tolerant (DTN) mode, for setting up a(More)
Natural disasters take its toll on traditional communication infrastructure severely causing intermittent network connectivity due to partially or fully damaged communication infrastructure. Therefore, data dissemination is hampered and the volunteers and different disaster management agencies find it difficult to communicate among them. Fortunately, a(More)
This research proposal investigates the promise of Opportunistic or Delay-tolerant networks (DTNs) for efficient and effective information dissemination in the context of natural disasters. Natural disasters affect the traditional communication infrastructure and thereby call for different unconventional techniques to meet communication requirements. This(More)
Opportunistic or Delay-tolerant networks (DTNs) may be used as a viable option for exchanging situational information during post-disaster communication in the absence of existing communication infrastructure. As opposed to traditional communication networks, situational information dissemination in DTNs depends on the degree of intermittent connectivity(More)
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