Suman Balasubramanian

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In this paper by using rgα−open sets I define almost rgα−normality and mild rgα−normality also we continue the study of further properties of rgα−normality. We show that these three axioms are regular open hereditary. I also define the class of almost rgα−irresolute mappings and show that rgα−normality is invariant under almost rgα−irresolute M-rgα−open(More)
Let χ denote the space of all gai sequences and Λ the space of all analytic sequences. First we show that the set E = s (k) : k = 1, 2, 3, · · · is a determining set for χ M. The set of all finite matrices transforming χ M into FK-space Y denoted by (χ M : Y). We characterize the classes (χ M : Y) when Y = summary we have the following table: (c 0) π c π χ(More)
In 1959 Gallai [5] showed that the vertex independence number and the vertex covering number of a graph G = (V, E) sum to |V |. Over the last twenty years, many results similar to Gallai's Theorem have been observed [3]. These theorems are referred to as " Gallai Theorems " and usually have the form: α + β = n. Slater [17] described several graph subset(More)
Dynamin (DNM2) centronuclear myopathy (CNM) has variable age of onset, distal greater than proximal muscle weakness, ptosis with or without extraocular muscle weakness, and a characteristic muscle biopsy with radial sarcoplasmic strands giving spoke like appearance. The following case report highlights clinical, electrophysiology, and pathology features of(More)