Suman Balasubramanian

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Abstract This report discusses the size and shape comparison of objects represented by two sets of three dimensional data. We examine geometric invariants such as pairwise distances, distances from the centroid, and the volumes of the tetrahedrons. We examine rigid motion estimation using Procrustes analysis, the iterative closest point algorithm, and(More)
Let χ denote the space of all gai sequences and Λ the space of all analytic sequences. First we show that the set E = { s(k) : k = 1, 2, 3, · · · } is a determining set for χM . The set of all finite matrices transforming χM into FKspace Y denoted by (χM : Y ) . We characterize the classes (χM : Y ) when Y = (c0)π , cπ, χM , `π, `s,Λπ, hπ. In summary we(More)
In this paper we define almost rg-normality and mild rg-normality, continue the study of further properties of rgnormality. We show that these three axioms are regular open hereditary. Also define the class of almost rg-irresolute mappings and show that rg-normality is invariant under almost rg-irresolute M-rg-open continuous surjection. AMS Subject(More)
In 1959 Gallai [5] showed that the vertex independence number and the vertex covering number of a graph G = (V,E) sum to |V |. Over the last twenty years, many results similar to Gallai’s Theorem have been observed [3]. These theorems are referred to as “Gallai Theorems” and usually have the form: α+ β = n. Slater [17] described several graph subset(More)
In this paper by using rgα−open sets I define almost rgα−normality and mild rgα−normality also we continue the study of further properties of rgα−normality. We show that these three axioms are regular open hereditary. I also define the class of almost rgα−irresolute mappings and show that rgα−normality is invariant under almost rgα−irresolute M-rgα−open(More)