Sumalatha Ramachandran

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In this paper, a novel strategy for eliminating redundancy in the data dissemination process is proposed. A cluster based infrastructure is considered where the entire geographical area of interest is divided into grid based clusters having a representative member in each of the cluster. The output from the sensors is made to pass through a context aware(More)
The WWW is the most important source of information. But, there is no guarantee for information correctness and lots of conflicting information is retrieved by the search engines and the quality of provided information also varies from low quality to high quality. We provide enhanced trustworthiness in both specific (entity) and broad (content) queries in(More)
This paper proposes an automatic face orientation interpretation system for human-machine interface to benefit the severely handicapped people. Our system investigates a new method for movement identification and uses a Hybrid scheme consisting of extracting the Eigen values of covariance matrices using Hough Transform and Bresenham’s Raster scan(More)
Today information retrieval from Internet is becoming a commonplace phenomenon. Since, information is readily available and accessible to everyone. Whenever any user types a query in search engine, they would get answers within few micro seconds. However, the results which they get may or may not be accurate because different websites may give different(More)
Sensor-cloud is a relatively new interdisciplinary domain that combines the fields of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Cloud Computing. The major issue needs to be addressed in Sensor-Cloud is storage and retrieval of data. Data security is preserved by encrypting the sensor data before storing it into the cloud. On analysis of existing methods, there are(More)
With a widespread growth in the potential applications of Wireless Sensor Networks, the need for reliable security mechanisms for them has increased manifold. This paper proposes a scheme, Privacy for Police Patrols (PPP), to provide secure data aggregation that relies on multilevel routing. Privacy factors have been identified and implemented. Aggregates(More)
One of the most pressing problems in enforcing security in a network is the identification of suspicious nodes and messages in a network. A node's suspicion factor cannot be measured based on the information that is being sent through the network alone. Anomalous nodes are nodes in a network that send strange, malformed data only within a small instance of(More)
Web search engines retrieve a vast amount of information for a given search query. But the user needs only trustworthy and high-quality information from this vast retrieved data. The response time of the search engine must be a minimum value in order to satisfy the user. An optimum level of response time should be maintained even when the system is(More)