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CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity: protective effect of rutin on p53, CYP2E1 and the antioxidative status in rat
BackgroundRutin is a polyphenolic natural flavonoid which possesses antioxidant and anticancer activity. In the present study the hepatoprotective effect of rutin was evaluated against carbonExpand
Hepatoprotective effects of methanol extract of Carissa opaca leaves on CCl4-induced damage in rat
BackgroundCarissa opaca (Apocynaceae) leaves possess antioxidant activity and hepatoprotective effects, and so may provide a possible therapeutic alternative in hepatic disorders. The effect producedExpand
Hepatoprotective activity of Sonchus asper against carbon tetrachloride-induced injuries in male rats: a randomized controlled trial
AbstractBackgroundSonchus asper (SAME) is used as a folk medicine in hepatic disorders. In this study, the hepatoprotective effects of the methanol extract of SAME was evaluated against carbonExpand
Evaluation of antioxidant activities of various solvent extracts of Carissa opaca fruits.
Abstract The chloroform and aqueous fractions of Carissa opaca fruit, a traditional medicinal fruit in Pakistan possessed a high amount of total phenolic and flavonoid contents as compare to otherExpand
Prevention of CCl4-induced nephrotoxicity with Sonchus asper in rat.
Sonchus asper (SA) is locally used in renal aliments. The present work investigated the antioxidant effects of S. asper methanolic extract (SAME) against CCl(4)-induced nephrotoxicity inExpand
Phytochemical analysis of selected medicinal plants of Margalla Hills and surroundings
The present study investigate the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the major bioactive constituents of 13 medicinally important plants, namely Woodfordia fruiticosa, Adhatoda vasica,Expand
Pollen morphologyof the genus Silene (Sileneae-Caryophyllaceae) from Pakistan
Pollen morphological studies of 16 species of the g enus Silene have been carried out from Pakistan. Pollen grains are polypantoporate or periporate at polar v iew. There is a great variation inExpand
Studies on the pollen morphology of the genus Dianthus ( Caryophyllaceae) from Pakistan
Pollen morphological studies of 7 species of the ge nus Dianthus have been carried out from Pakistan by light microscopy. Pollen grains are Polypantoporate or pe riporate. There is a great variationExpand
Evaluation of phenolic contents and antioxidant activity of various solvent extracts of Sonchus asper (L.) Hill
BackgroundSonchus asper (SA) is traditionally used for the treatment of various ailments associated with liver, lungs and kidneys. This study was aimed to investigate the therapeutic potential ofExpand
Evaluation of Launaea procumbens use in renal disorders: a rat model.
INTRODUCTION Carbon tetrachloride exerts its toxicity in rat kidneys through oxidative stress. Launaea procumbens is used ethnopharmacologically in renal disorders. Its methanolic, chloroform, ethylExpand