Suma Ray

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MYC overexpression is thought to initiate tumorigenesis by inducing cellular proliferation and growth and to be restrained from causing tumorigenesis by inducing cell cycle arrest, cellular senescence, and/or apoptosis. Here we show that MYC can induce DNA breaks both in vitro and in vivo independent of increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS).(More)
Taxol-induced polymerization of tubulin into stable microtubules and cell cycle metaphase arrest have been demonstrated to result in internucleosomal DNA fragmentation and morphological features of apoptosis in human leukemia cells. Recent studies have also shown that Taxol-induced apoptosis, but not Taxol-induced microtubular bundling or mitotic arrest, is(More)
Branching morphogenesis in the mouse submandibular gland is a complex and dynamic process involving several structural changes in the epithelium, including dynamic regulation of cytoskeletal stability, cell migration, and cell-cell adhesions to control formation of clefts, or indentations in the epithelial buds. In this study, we report that LIM kinase(More)
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