Sum Thai Wong

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The 50 amino acid form of TGF-alpha is cleaved from a conserved integral membrane glycoprotein by a protease that, in many tumor cells, appears to be limiting. To test whether the membrane-bound precursor has biological activity in the absence of processing, we introduced amino acid substitutions at the proteolytic cleavage sites. BHK cells transfected with(More)
BACKGROUND Cellular signaling involves a sequence of events from ligand binding to membrane receptors through transcription factors activation and the induction of mRNA expression. The transcriptional-regulatory system plays a pivotal role in the control of gene expression. A novel computational approach to the study of gene regulation circuits is presented(More)
P53 is probably the most important tumor suppressor known. Over the years, information about this gene has increased dramatically. We have built a comprehensive knowledgebase of p53, which aims to facilitate wet-lab biologists to formulate their experiments and new-comers to learn whatever they need about the gene and bioinformaticians to make new(More)
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