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The unsung slaves : Islam in Plantation Jamaica
Les Africains importes aux Antilles et plus particulierement dans les plantations de la Jamaique etaient en grande majorite musulmans. Les esclaves mandika, entre autres, avaient recu une educationExpand
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The political economy of food and agriculture in the Caribbean
Geographical, social and historical background agriculture - its importance agriculture - its decline the political economy of food the political economy of agriculture role of multinationalExpand
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The Jihad of 1831-1832: The Misunderstood Baptist Rebellion in Jamaica
Contemporaneous to the autonomous Muslim Maroon ummah, hundreds of thousands of Mu’minun (the Believers of the Islamic faith) of African descent worked as slaves on the plantations in Jamaica.Expand
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Invisible Yet Invincible: The Muslim Ummah in Jamaica
It was the romantic island of wood and water, Jamaica in the Caribbean, which was sighted by the Morisco pilot who steered the lead boat of Columbus from Spain to the West Indies in 1494.1 TheExpand
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The Moghul Islamic Diaspora: The Institutionalization of Islam in Jamaica
‘As-Salamu-’alaikum’, the Islamic greeting in Arabic, meaning ‘peace be upon you’, continued to be the ofŽ cial greeting among the Maroon Council members in Mooretown, Portland, Jamaica and theExpand
The manifestation of Tawhid : The Muslim heritage of the maroons in Jamaica
Dans le champ du socio-religieux, l'A. etudie l'influence de l'Islam en Jamaique en examinant les structures sociales et le systeme de pensee des esclaves Marrons selon une perspective islamique. LeExpand
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The Role of Islam in the Abolition of Slavery and in the Development of British Capitalism
West Indian scholars have overlooked the role played by the Muslim leadership in West Africa in bringing an end to the transatlantic trade in Africans. The jihād movements in West Africa in the lateExpand