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OBJECTIVE We examined the association of active ghrelin levels with birth weight, sex, and gestational age (GA) in small for GA (SGA) and appropriate for GA (AGA) preterm infants. METHODS Active ghrelin levels were measured by ELISA method during the first five postnatal days in 38 preterm SGA infants and 32 preterm AGA controls. RESULTS Active ghrelin(More)
To determine the optimal time of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccination for induction of Th1 immunity, we measured the interferon (IFN)-γ and interleukin (IL)-10 secretion in purified protein derivative (PPD)-stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) cultures in newborns vaccinated at birth or 2nd month of life. Moreover, role of CD4(+)(More)
Cardiac rhabdomyoma often shows spontaneous regression and usually requires only close follow-up. However, patients with symptomatic inoperable rhabdomyomas may be candidates for everolimus treatment. Our patient had multiple inoperable cardiac rhabdomyomas causing serious left ventricle outflow-tract obstruction that showed a dramatic reduction in the size(More)
AIM To investigate the effect of intravenous frusemide on the course of transient tachypnoea of the newborn (TTN). METHODS Fifty term infant with TTN were randomised at the time of diagnosis to receive either intravenous frusemide 2 mg/kg or saline placebo. Outcomes assessed included duration of supplemental oxygen requirement, the period of tachypnoea,(More)
Carbon monoxide (CO) intoxication has serious adverse effects to the mother and fetus and a result of intrauterine hypoxia, it leads to fetal death or severe neurological sequelae. In this article, a preterm infant who was acutely exposed to CO at the 33rd weeks of gestation before delivery was presented. The baby was delivered by emergent cesarean section(More)
OBJECTIVE We report an outbreak of Achromobacter xylosoxidans at a neonatal intensive care unit. We aimed to present clinical, laboratory and treatment data of the patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS All consecutive episodes of bacteremia due to A. xylosoxidans at our neonatal intensive care unit, beginning with the index case detected at November 2009 until(More)
INTRODUCTION We aimed to determine the incidence, etiology, risk factors and outcome of bacterial meningitis in neonates. METHODOLOGY Neonates who developed bacterial meningitis between 2003 and 2010 in a tertiary hospital in Turkey were included in the study. Patients born in our hospital were defined as Group 1 and patients referred from other centres(More)
The aim of this study was to establish the reference values of preductal oxygen saturation (SpO2) in healthy infants immediately after birth. SpO2 recordings of 200 term neonates (vaginal group;n=150 and cesarean group;n=50) with regular respiratory pattern were evaluated. The median SpO2 values in the first, fifth and tenth minutes were 71, 92, and 98% in(More)
Neonates with Pierre Robin sequence (PRs) suffer from varying degrees of airway obstruction and feeding difficulties, the courses of which differ from patient to patient, due to mandibular deficiency. We aimed to evaluate the course and prognosis of upper airway obstruction in 20 newborns with PRs. Among 15 isolated and 5 syndromic cases, 7 patients fell(More)
The mortality and morbidity of fetal aortic stenosis (AS) depend on the degree of the hemodynamic effects of the stenosis, and left ventricular (LV) adaptation, development and function during fetal life. In the case of critical AS, the development of hydrops and death in utero are well recognized entities. A 23-week gestation fetus was diagnosed with(More)