Sullivan Laforest

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During neurite elongation, migrating growth cones encounter both permissive and inhibitory substrates, such as laminin and MAG (myelin-associated glycoprotein), respectively. Here, we demonstrated on two neuronal cell lines (PC12 and N1E-115), that laminin and collagen hampered, in a dose-dependent manner, MAG inhibitory activity on several integrin(More)
As described for a long time, carcinoma-derived Caco-2 cells form a polarized epithelium in culture, whereas HT29-D4 cells are nonpolarized and undifferentiated but can form a polarized monolayer when cultured in a galactose-supplemented medium. Using NF-kappaB translocation and IL-8 and ICAM-1 gene activation as an index, we have studied the relationship(More)
Although proprotein convertases are involved in tumor development, nothing is known about their role in metastatic dissemination. To investigate the involvement of convertase inhibition, we used human colon carcinoma cells overexpressing alpha1-antitrypsin Portland (alpha1-PDX, PDX39P cells), a potent convertase inhibitor. We previously reported that these(More)
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