Suliman A. Alsuhibany

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CAPTCHA is a test that can, automatically, tell human and computer programmes apart. It is now almost a standard security technology, and has found widespread application on commercial websites. Robustness and usability are two fundamental aspects with CAPTCHA. The robustness of a text CAPTCHA is typically determined by the strength of its(More)
An intrusion and attack detection system usually focuses on classifying a record as either normal or abnormal. In some cases such as insider attacks, attackers rely on feedback from the attacked system, which enables them to gradually manipulate their attempts in order to avoid detection. This paper proposes the notion of accumulative manipulation that can(More)
The increase of mobile applications and social media are daily generating huge volumes of data. The variety of this data shapes an evolving term known as big data. Efficiently handling the big data seems a challenge to meet the rate of data growth. This challenge has played a significant role not only for indexing, but also for correlating events across(More)
Online services play an increasingly important role in executing tasks in many aspects of our lives. These services depend greatly on authentication mechanisms in order to give sufficient protection to the provided data. Since the traditional username and password scheme suffers from various security and usability drawbacks, this paper investigates a(More)
A defensive mechanism, which encompasses a variety of services and protections, has been proposed by several researchers for many organizations to protect system resources from misuse. In the practical use of defensive mechanisms such as CAPTCHAs and spam filters, attackers and defenders exchange 'victories,' each celebrating (temporary) success in breaking(More)
While security algorithms are utilized to protect system resources from misuse, using a single algorithm such as CAPTCHAs and Spam-Filters as a defence mechanism can work to protect a system against current attacks. However, as attackers learn from their attempts, this algorithm will eventually become useless and the system is no longer protected. We(More)
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