Suliat M Nurudeen

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BACKGROUND Medical organizations have increased interest in identifying and improving behaviors that threaten team performance and patient safety. Three hundred and sixty degree evaluations of surgeons were performed at 8 academically affiliated hospitals with a common Code of Excellence. We evaluate participant perceptions and make recommendations for(More)
BACKGROUND Mitochondria-mediated apoptotic signaling contributes to microvascular hyperpermeability. We hypothesized that cyclosporine A (CsA), which protects mitochondrial transition pores, would attenuate hyperpermeability independent of its calcineurin inhibitory property. METHODS Hyperpermeability was induced in microvascular endothelial cell(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical decisions for seriously ill older patients with surgical emergencies are highly complex. Measuring the benefits of burdensome treatments in this context is fraught with uncertainty. Little is known about how surgeons formulate treatment decisions to avoid nonbeneficial surgery, or engage in preoperative conversations about end-of-life(More)
BACKGROUND Studies show that using surgical safety checklists (SSCs) reduces complications. Many believe SSCs accomplish this by enhancing teamwork, but evidence is limited. Our study sought to relate teamwork to checklist performance, understand how they relate, and determine conditions that affect this relationship. STUDY DESIGN Using 2 validated tools(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients with BRCA mutations consider bilateral mastectomy for risk reduction (RRM) or when diagnosed with cancer (TM). Limited data exist to help inform patients about the reconstruction (recon) process. We sought to identify factors associated with unforeseen procedures following RRM or TM in BRCA positive patients. METHODS We(More)
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