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In case-control single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data, the allele frequency, Hardy Weinberg Disequilibrium, and linkage disequilibrium (LD) contrast tests are three distinct sources of information about genetic association. While all three tests are typically developed in a retrospective context, we show that prospective logistic regression models may(More)
AIM To examine whether a team-based inpatient "geriatric" care model provided by non-geriatrics specialist physicians was associated with changes in the occurrence of delirium and transition to a nursing home. METHODS We carried out an intervention (interdisciplinary; ITD group) control (usual care group) study comparing the outcomes of hospitalized older(More)
AIM To examine whether a hospitalist-directed interdisciplinary (ITD) team in an internal medicine residency program enhances the hospital and clinical outcomes for seniors with acute medical illness. METHODS Seniors admitted to a USA teaching hospital medical floor-teaching services were allocated to the ITD (n = 379) and usual care teams (n = 383).(More)
AIM To examine whether rehabilitation therapy type would be associated with transitions to skilled nursing facilities (SNF) in community-living seniors with acute medical illnesses. METHODS Using administrative and clinical data, multivariate regression analysis examined the relationship between the extent of rehabilitation therapy and transitions to SNF(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore whether racial disparity in osteoporosis drug therapy maintenance varies by health insurance coverage status. DESIGN Longitudinal observation study. SETTING Cleveland Clinic Health System (Cleveland, OH) from January 2006 to December 2009. PATIENTS 3,901 black and white female Medicare beneficiaries starting osteoporosis drug(More)
BACKGROUND Functional decline of hospitalized older adults is common and triggers health care expenditures. Physical therapy can retard the functional decline that occurs during hospitalization. This study aims to examine whether shared situational awareness (SSA) intervention may enhance the benefits of physical therapy for hospitalized older persons with(More)
Copy Number Variation (CNV) is increasingly implicated in disease pathogenesis. CNVs are often identified by statistical models applied to data from single nucleotide polymorphism panels. Family information for samples provides additional information for CNV inference. Two modes of PennCNV (the Joint-call and Posterior-call), which are some of the most(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine how drug therapy patterns for osteoporosis have changed after the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) reimbursement reduction in 2007, in relation to follow-up bone mineral density (BMD) testing status. METHODS We used a retrospective temporal shift design to examine changes in drug therapy patterns before (Phase 1: January 1,(More)
BACKGROUND The detection of copy number variants (CNVs) and the results of CNV-disease association studies rely on how CNVs are defined, and because array-based technologies can only infer CNVs, CNV-calling algorithms can produce vastly different findings. Several authors have noted the large-scale variability between CNV-detection methods, as well as the(More)
BACKGROUND We examined whether the recent reimbursement reductions on the bone mineral density (BMD) test affected BMD testing in female Medicare beneficiaries with or without supplemental private health insurance. METHODS Retrospectively analyzing hospital administrative and clinical data on female Medicare beneficiaries (n=1320), we reviewed whether(More)