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Emergency department (ED) crowding is a multifactorial problem, resulting in increased ED waiting times, decreased patient satisfaction and deleterious domino effects on the entire hospital. Although difficult to define and once limited to anecdotal evidence, crowding is receiving more attention as attempts are made to quantify the problem objectively. It(More)
OBJECTIVES Focused assessment of sonography in trauma (FAST) has been shown useful to detect clinically significant hemoperitoneum in adults, but not in children. The objectives were to determine test characteristics for clinically important intraperitoneal free fluid (FF) in pediatric blunt abdominal trauma (BAT) using computed tomography (CT) or surgery(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of adverse events in elderly trauma patients with isolated blunt thoracic trauma, and to identify variables associated with these adverse events. METHODS We performed a chart review of 160 trauma patients age 65 and older with significant blunt thoracic trauma, drawn from an American College of Surgeons Level I Trauma(More)
OBJECTIVE In this observational study, a modified version of the Visual Function Index (VF-14) and the Snellen Visual Acuity Test were compared in how well they correlated with self-restricted driving habits in older adults. The VF-14 was originally designed to assess vision in cataract patients; however, in this study, a modified version (mVF-14) was(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether a medical student emergency ultrasound clerkship has an effect on the number of patients undergoing ultrasonography and the number of total scans in the emergency department. METHODS We conducted a prospective, single-blinded study of scanning by emergency medicine residents and attendings with and without medical students.(More)
1 one of the world's first scientific journals, 2 the subscription-based journal has been the traditional model for disseminating scientific and medical knowledge. 3,4 Granting access only through subscription can place significant barriers to information sharing, thus putting research, teaching and patient care at risk. While the internet age has made(More)
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