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We propose an appearance-based image clustering approach called GGCI (global geometric clustering for image). For face images taken with varying pose, expression, eyes (wearing sunglasses or not) or object images under different viewing conditions, GGCI uses easily measured local metric information to learn the underlying global geometry of images space,(More)
The naive Bayesian classifier (NBC) is a simple yet very efficient classification technique in machine learning. But the unpractical condition independence assumption of NBC greatly degrades its performance. There are two primary ways to improve NBC's performance. One is to relax the condition independence assumption in NBC. This method improves NBC's(More)
This paper proposes an approach to derive a parametric L-system in parallel based on Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA). It consists of a host program running on CPU and a device program running on CUDA enabled GPU. The host program is used to transfer data between CPU and GPU, pre-allocate host and device memory, and launch the device program. The(More)
This paper discusses the application of support vector machine (SVM) in stock price change trend forecasting. By reviewing prior research, thirteen technical indicators are defined as the input attributes of SVM. By training this model, we can forecast if the stock price would rise the next day. In order to make best use of market information, analyst(More)
Association rule mining, in which generating frequent patterns is a key step, is an effective way of identifying inherent and unknown interrelationships between characteristics of celestial spectra data and its physicochemical properties. In this study, we first make use of the first-order predicate logic to represent knowledge derived from celestial(More)
Automatic subject indexing is a process to produce automatically a set of attributes that represent the content or topic of a document. In this paper, two approaches of automatic subject indexing based on VSM (vector space model) and subject words segmentation respectively are presented. The experimental results show that the first approach based on VSM is(More)
We propose two geometric structure based approaches GGCI (global geometric clustering for image) and GSIM (geometric structure based image matching) for image clustering and image matching, respectively. For face images or object images taken with varying factors, the GGCI approach learns the global geometric structure of images space and clusters images(More)