Sulaiman Mohd Nor

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In machine learning, a key aspect is the acquisition of knowledge. As problems become more complex, and experts become scarce, the manual extraction of knowledge becomes very difficult. Hence, it is important that the task of knowledge acquisition be automated. This paper proposes a novel method that integrates neural network and expert system paradigms to(More)
Internet traffic classification gained significant attention in the last few years. Identifying the Internet applications in the real time is one of the most significant challenges in network traffic classification. Most of the proposed classification methods are limited to offline classification and cannot support online classification. This paper aims to(More)
Worms are self-contained programs that spread over the Internet. Worms cause problems such as lost of information, information theft and denial-of-service attacks. The first part of the paper evaluates the detection of worms based on content classification by using all machine learning techniques available in WEKA data mining tools. Four most accurate and(More)
the needs of Internet applications QoS guarantee increased the demand of internet traffic classification, especially for interactive real time applications. Therefore, several classification methods were developed. Machine Learning (ML) classification is one of the most modern techniques, which solves the problem of traditional port base method. This paper(More)
Network traffic classification plays a vital role in various network activities. Network traffic data include a large number of relevant and redundant features, which increase the flow classifier computational complexity and affect the classification results. This paper focuses on the analysis of different type of features selection algorithms in order to(More)
the Internet application has been so popular in the recent times and the concepts of network worms are now the biggest threats to the network security researchers. The trend at which network structure variables and its related applications such as p2p network has given the malware on the internet an avenue to explore as rapidly as possible and to find ways(More)
Propagating malwares have drawn significant attention as a result of their serious impact on the internet and the network security. Although the development of stochastic models of worm propagation has been on, but the real internet prevention mechanism have not been deployed in the network simulations. The real worm propagation cycle identifies the ways(More)