Sulaiman Abdul Malik

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The energy stored at the output can be retrieved by the reversing the current source direction discharging process instead of dissipation in NMOS network. Hence adiabatic switching offers the less energy dissipation in PMOS network and reuse the stored energy in the output capacitance by reversing the current source direction. There are the many adiabatic(More)
Thirteen layers of P3HT/stearic acid films have been deposited using angle lifting deposition technique onto ITO coated glass substrate at constant surface pressure. Gas exposure method was employed to embed semiconducting nanoparticles in the P3HT/SA matrixes. The isotherm of composite P3HT/SA shows a unique trend combination of small molecules of stearic(More)
Microwave nondestructive testing using free-space microwave measurement system involves measurement of reflection (S 11) and transmission (S 21) coefficients of Malaysian wood specimens in free-space. From measured S 21 coefficients in 8 – 12 GHz frequency range, dielectric constants and loss factors were calculated by S 21 only method for several moisture(More)
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