Sul-Young Choi

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Introduction . In this paper we consider various additive and multiplicative problems concerning sets of integers . The major aim of our investigation is in exhibiting the relationship between the number of elements in a given set of positive integers not exceeding n and the number of integers that can always be chosen (with or without the restriction that(More)
The main objective of this paper is to investigate the relation between the number of integers in a given subset .a of the integers 1, 2,. . ., n and the number of integers that can be chosen from 1, 2,. . ., n so that their pairwise products all appear in a. Other related problems are also considered. 1. INTRODUCTION The problems under investigation in the(More)
Given a labeling of the vertices and edges of a graph, we define a type of homogeneity that requires that the neighborhood of every vertex contains the same number of each of the labels. This homogeneity constraint is a generalization of regularity – all such graphs are regular. We consider a specific condition in which both the edge and vertex label sets(More)
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