Sukumar Senthilkumar

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  • P Ajay-D-Vimal Raj, S Senthilkumar, J Raja, S Ravichandran, T G Palanivelu
  • 2008
The Distributed Generation (DG) have created a challenge and an opportunity for developing various novel technologies in power generation. The proposed work discusses the primary factors that have lead to an increasing interest in DG. DG reduces line losses, increases system voltage profile and hence improves power quality. The proposed work finds out the(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is well known for its limited transmission range of wireless network interface. Hence, multiple hops (multi-hops) may be needed for exchanging the information from one node to another across the network without any base stations or routers. In MANETs, as there is no hierarchy among nodes, every node is responsible for(More)
The paper presented deals with the analysis of the movement of a six leg locomotive robot. This robot is designed for its movement in the linear surface, for industrial as well as the domestic purposes. It is designed and simulated using an automation development tool known as v-rep. The design and some important components like the DC servo motor, servo(More)
In this paper an adaptable algorithm for simulating CNN arrays is implemented using various RK-fourth order means such as Arithmetic Mean [ also, it is compared with RK-fourth order embedded means such as the RK-Embedded Heronian Mean, RK-Embedded Centroidal Mean, Harmonic Mean and Contra-Harmonic Mean. The role of the simulator is that it is capable of(More)
Mobile ad-hoc networks pose real difficulty in finding the multihop shortest paths because of continuous changing positions of the nodes. Traditional ad-hoc routing protocols are proposed to find multi-hop routes based on shortest path routing algorithms, which cannot effectively adapt to time-varying radio links and network topologies of Ad-hoc networks.(More)
This paper presents VLSI architecture for lifting based 2D DWT architecture with reduced delay. The proposed structure offers high speed and high area efficiency. Fast computation is achieved by replacing conventional multiplier units of DWT architecture with Vedic multiplier. Three sutras of Vedic multiplication are employed to reduce logic shifting(More)
— The security of Web applications has become increasingly important in the last decade. The Web based enterprise applications deal with sensitive financial and medical data. Therefore the web applications are created by giving major preference to security since highly confidential data need to be secured and it is also crucial to protect these applications(More)
A simple high performance thin layer chromatographic (HPTLC) method has been developed for the simultaneous determination of the pharmacologically important active combines the separation and quantification of the analytes on silica gel 60 GF 254 HPTLC plates with visualization under UV and scanning at 540nm. The method is rapid, simple and precise.
The aim of this paper is to review emerging trends in efficient implementations of VLSI architecture of lifting based two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform (2D-DWT).The basic principle of lifting scheme is decomposing finite impulse response (FIR) filter into finite sequence of filtering steps. The inherent in place computation of lifting scheme has(More)