Sukumar Nandi

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In wireless ad-hoc networks, whenever a node overhears a frame, the node should defer its transmission to prevent the interference with the ongoing transmission. The exact duration value by which the node should defer is contained in the frame. However, due to the wireless transmission errors and due to the fact that the carrier sensing range is normally(More)
Broadcasting is one of the essential communication models of MANET. Many MANET multicast routing protocols rely heavily upon MAC layer's broadcast support. However, the broadcast mechanism of the standard IEEE 802.11 cannot provide reliable broadcasting service, and therefore, degrades the multicasting performance. In this paper, we propose an extension to(More)
In a mobile ad hoc network (MANET), how to maximize the utilization of the limited bandwidth while maintaining fairness among the contending nodes is one of the most challenging issues due to the hidden terminal problem in a multihop scenario. In CSMA/CA-based IEEE 802.11, Carrier Sensing (CS), Collision Avoidance (CA), and Contention Resolution (CR), the(More)
IEEE 802.11 exhibits both short-term and long-term unfairness [15]. The short-term fairness automatically gives rise to long-term fairness, but not vice versa [11]. When we thoroughly investigated a simple scenario with hidden terminals, we found it to be unfair on the short-term basis, though it provides fair access on a long-term basis. It implies that(More)
In this paper we propose a clustering based method to capture outliers. We apply K-means clustering algorithm to divide the data set into clusters. The points which are lying near the centroid of the cluster are not probable candidate for outlier and we can prune out such points from each cluster. Next we calculate a distance based outlier score for(More)
With the increase in number of hosts in the Internet, there is also a rise in the demand for IP address space. To cater to this issue, IP version 6 (IPv6) succeeded IPv4. Compared to 32 bit IP address space in IPv4, IP address in IPv6 is composed of 128 bits. In IPv4, when a host wants to communicate with another host in an LAN, it needs to know the MAC(More)
The ease of deployment and the infrastructure less nature of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) make them highly desirable for the present day multi media communications. Traditional routing protocols may not suffice for real time communications which require QoS support from the network. Though there has been considerable research in this area, most of the(More)
Existing protocols for medium access in wireless sensor networks opt for staggered wakeup scheduling among clusters of nodes. However intra-cluster contention and interference has remained an unaddressed issue. In this work we propose PELLMAC: power efficient and low latency MAC for wireless sensor networks, a schema that addresses node scheduling for(More)