Sukumar Debnath

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Cold pressed and hexane extracted moringa seed oils (CPMSO and HEMSO) were evaluated for their physico-chemical and stability characteristics. The iodine value, saponification value and unsaponifiable matter of CPMSO and HEMSO were found to be 67.8 and 68.5 g I2 / 100 g oil, 190.4 and 191.2 mg KOH / g oil and 0.59 and 0.65%, respectively. The total(More)
Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) has several health benefits, such as it reduces risk of CVD, obesity and diabetes. The objective of the study was to investigate the effect of different drying on retention of bioactive molecules, such as omega-3 fatty acids, total phenolic content and antiradical activity of purslane. Five different dehydration methods(More)
Package downsizing is a practice where the package content is reduced without changing the package or the price of the product. In a market that is defined by ‘hyper-competition,’ package downsizing is often practiced by marketers to effect an invisible price increase for their products. Although marketers may maintain that providing, the legally required,(More)
Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS), compared to other appraisal methods, have the most potential to be an integral part of human resource management functions and contribute significantly to organizational success. It is not an accident that the BARS method has proved to be perennial and resilient in terms of survival over the last fifty years, and(More)
Student motivation within the classrooms is a widely recognized problem and will remain so in the foreseeable future. Literature suggests that students’ motivation for learning and performance can be enhanced by creating an appropriate classroom environment, which is again determined by the design of various structural characteristics of a course, such as(More)
The present study was carried out to study the physico-chemical changes that take place in both product and oil during the deep fat frying of a traditional savoury snack 'kodubale', at 120-160 °C for 120-600 s using coconut oil (CO) and nutra-coconut oil (NCO). Further, kinetic studies on moisture loss, oil uptake, color and degradation of β-carotene, total(More)
The paper presents data on viscosity, surface tension and volume flow rate of some edible and medicinal oils. The study is based on the simple experimental setup developed in Biophysics Laboratory of Nizam College, Hyderabad. The rheological parameters of oils have a direct relationship with some fatty acids that constitute the triglycerols. Further, the(More)
In the present work, the processing variables were optimized to retain betalain compound and their effect on quality attributes (oil content, breaking force and color) of fried beetroot chips. The beetroot slices were fried in lab scale vacuum fryer. Experimental design with temperature (86-153 °C), absolute pressure (1.3-9.7 kPa) and frying time (2.6-9.4(More)
To provide nutraceutical such as oryzanol through food, two instant mixes based on the Indian traditional food cuisine Bisibele bhath and Upma(Bhath-OZ and Upma-OZ) were developed and evaluated for shelf-life. The formulations contained cereals, pulses, and spices along with oryzanol enriched oil and were packed in 200gauge/50 gauge metallized polyester(More)
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