Sukumar Dandapat

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This study was undertaken to assess the nutritive value and mineral contents from Vitex negundo and Adhatoda vasica. These two plant species are fairly used as medicine throughout the greater part of India. Adhatoda vasica is used to control pain, inflammation and other related diseases. Leaves of Adhatoda vasica are used for treatment of cold, cough,(More)
C. tamala leaves are mainly used for flavouring food and spice due to clove like taste and pepper like odour. The plant leaves are widely used in pharmaceutical preparation because of therapeutic efficacy against various diseases and disorders due to presence of different phytochemicals. The leaves were analysed for ash content, moisture, crude fat, crude(More)
The analysis of diagnostic features such as the optic disc(OD) provides important clues for the diagnosis of various retinopathic diseases. In this paper, a wavelet based distortion measure for the optic disc (WODDM) in retinal image is proposed. The wavelet analysis shows that different subbands carry optic disc information to a different level. The(More)
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