Suksham Pal

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Debaryomyces hansenii is one of the most promising natural xylitol producers. As the conversion of xylitol to xylulose mediated by NAD(+) cofactor dependent xylitol dehydrogenase (XDH) reduces its xylitol yield, xylitol dehydrogenase gene (DhXDH)-disrupted mutant of D. hansenii having potential for xylose assimilating pathway stopping at xylitol, was used(More)
Forty-two Rhizobium strains obtained from different culture collections were evaluated quantitatively for poly(3-hydroxy-butyric acid) [PHB] production in shake flask culture. The majority of the strains produced the maximum amount of PHB during the late exponential or stationary phase of growth. Synthesis and accumulation of PHB in different species of(More)
Eight Rhizobium strains were screened for exopolysaccharide production during growth in yeast extract mannitol medium. A strain of Rhizobium loti produced more than 250 mg of exopolysaccharide/100 ml of culture during the stationary phase of growth. Exopolysaccharide production was favoured by maltose and mannitol but N2 supplementation could not affect the(More)
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