Sukjin Choo

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Service function chaining (SFC) enables the creation of composite network services that consist of an ordered set of service functions. For scalable and fault-tolerant SFC services, multiple service function instances should be deployed across networks and incoming flows should be distributed to multiple service function instances appropriately. In this(More)
Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are taking more attention from both the academia and the automotive industry due to a rapid development of wireless communication technologies. And with this development, vehicles called connected cars are increasingly being equipped with more sensors, processors, storages, and communication devices as they start to(More)
Vehicular cloud (VC) is an emerging technology where multiple vehicles form a cloud to share their abundant resources and carry out a heavy job in a cooperative manner. By using VC, each vehicle can perform various VC applications requiring heavy resources. In this regards, it is not a trivial issue to choose appropriate vehicles to complete the given task(More)
Software-defined vehicular cloud (SDVC) is a novel proposal to form a cloud consisting of vehicles and to share their underutilized resource and carry out collaborative jobs. Since the research on SDVC is in its initial stage, security and privacy issues are still challenging. In this paper, we propose a security mechanism for SDVC to satisfy fundamental(More)
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