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Necessary Connections and Continuous Creation: Malebranche’s Two Arguments for Occasionalism
Malebranche presents two major arguments for occasionalism: the “no necessary connection” argument (NNC) and the “conservation is but continuous creation” argument (CCC). NNC appears prominently inExpand
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Leibniz on Divine Concurrence
A divine concurrentist, in general, intends to satisfy two theses that were held by the vast majority of theologians and theistic philosophers of the seventeenth century, not to mention the MiddleExpand
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Mind , Mathematics and the Ignorabimusstreit
∗For encouragement or helpful criticism in this project thanks are owed to José Luis Bermúdez, David Chalmers, Patricia Churchland, Paul Churchland, Mario de Caro, Daniel Dennett, Frank Jackson,Expand
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RF etch pre-clean effect on PVD Al filling with low k SiLK IMD
A issue related with the integration of PVD Al metallization with low k SiLK dielectrics was investigated. SiLK polymer material was severely damaged during RF etch pre-clean step which was performedExpand
Berkeley on the Activity of Spirits
This paper propounds a new reading of Berkeley's account of the activity of finite spirits. Against existing interpretations, the paper argues that Berkeley does not hold that we causally contributeExpand
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Nanoscale analysis on interfacial reactions in Al–Si–Cu alloys and Ti underlayer films
Solid-phase reactions at the interface between sputtered Al–Si–Cu alloys and Ti films were investigated at the atomic scale by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and energy dispersiveExpand
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