Sukil Kim

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PURPOSE A new model expressing Arden Syntax with the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) was developed to increase its portability. METHODS Every example was manually parsed and reviewed until the schema and the style sheet were considered to be optimized. When the first schema was finished, several MLMs in Arden Syntax Markup Language (ArdenML) were(More)
OBJECTIVE Suicide is a leading cause of death in college age students. Identification of the associated risk factors has important implications for how to prevent and respond to this population; however, few studies have been performed on this topic in this age group. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and risk factors associated with(More)
OBJECTIVES Many medication errors can occur when ordering and dispensing medicine in hospitals. The clinical decision support system (CDSS) is widely used in an effort to reduce medication errors. This study focused on the evaluation of user satisfaction with the CDSS for medication at a university hospital. Specifically, this study aimed to identify the(More)
PURPOSE A pilot drug utilization review (DUR) program was initiated by the Korean government, which provided safety information in real-time at the stage of prescribing and dispensing. This study aimed to compare the "physician/pharmacist Co-DUR" system and the traditional "pharmacist-only DUR" system. METHODS Data collected during a DUR pilot program(More)
Casemix grouping using procedures classifications has become an important use case for health care terminologies. There are so many different national procedures classifications used for Casemix grouping that it is not possible to agree on a worldwide standard. ICHI (International Classification of Health Interventions) is proposing an approach that(More)