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Image compression is a very important issue for several applications in the area of multimedia communications, the objective being reduction of storage and transmission costs. Many efficient coding techniques have been developed for various applications. Amongst them, the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) has been recommended for compression of(More)
This paper presents a method for classification of liver ultrasound images based on texture analysis. The proposed method uses a set of seven texture features having high discriminative power which can be used by radiologists to classify the liver. Feature extraction is carried out using the following texture Based upon the results of Linear Discriminative(More)
Let α, β, γ and δ be complex numbers such that α = 0. Define Φ on D = C \ {0} as Φ(w, zw ; z) = w δ βw + α zw w + γ , z ∈ E, where E = {z : |z| < 1}. We find the sufficient conditions for analytic function p, p(z) = 0 and analytic univalent functions q 1 , q 1 (z) = 0 and q 2 , q 2 (z) = 0 in E such that Φ(q 1 (z), zq 1 (z); z) ≺ Φ(p(z), zp (z); z) ≺ Φ(q 2(More)
Telemedicine, among other things, involves storage and transmission of medical images, popularly known as teleradiology. Due to constraints on bandwidth and storage capacity, a medical image may be needed to be compressed before transmission/storage. Among various compression techniques, transform-based techniques that convert an image in spatial domain(More)
It is highly acknowledged in the medical profession that density of breast tissue is a major cause for the growth of breast cancer. Increased breast density was found to be linked with an increased risk of breast cancer growth, as high density makes it difficult for radiologists to see an abnormality which leads to false negative results. Therefore, there(More)
Involution is the process of post-lactational mammary gland regression to quiescence and it involves secretory epithelial cell death, stroma remodeling and gland repopulation by adipocytes. Though reportedly accompanying apoptosis, the role of autophagy in involution has not yet been determined. We now report that autophagy-related (ATG) proteins mediate(More)
The leaf rust resistance gene Lr41 in wheat germplasm KS90WGRC10 and a resistance gene in wheat breeding line WX93D246-R-1 were transferred to Triticum aestivum from Aegilops tauschii and Ae. cylindrica, respectively. The leaf rust resistance gene in WX93D246-R-1 was located on wheat chromosome 2D by monosomic analysis. Molecular marker analysis of F(2)(More)
This paper provides a comparative study of various spatial domain filters for speckle suppression in Ultrasound images. Spatial domain filters are easy to implement on real time systems because they work faster than other methods like multi-resolution or wavelets based filters. Different filters have been evaluated experimentally on synthetic and real(More)