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Semi-automatic leaf disease detection and classification system for soybean culture
A rule based semi-automatic system using concepts of k -means is designed and implemented to distinguish healthy leaves from diseased leaves. Expand
Plants Disease Identification and Classification Through Leaf Images: A Survey
The symptoms of plant diseases are evident in different parts of a plant; however leaves are found to be the most commonly observed part for detecting an infection. Expand
A panoramic review of IL-6: Structure, pathophysiological roles and inhibitors.
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a pleiotropic pro-inflammatory cytokine. Its deregulation is associated with chronic inflammation, and multifactorial auto-immune disorders. It mediates its biological rolesExpand
Translational initiation factor eIF5 replaces eIF1 on the 40S ribosomal subunit to promote start-codon recognition.
In eukaryotic translation initiation, AUG recognition of the mRNA requires accommodation of Met-tRNAi in a ‘PIN’ state, which is antagonized by the factor eIF1. eIF5 is a GTPase activating proteinExpand
An Efficient Approach for Number Plate Extraction from Vehicles Image under Image Processing
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an image-processing technology and an important field of research that identifies vehicles by their number plates in which the number plate information isExpand
Quality Analysis of Indian Basmati Rice Grains Using Digital Image Processing-A Review
Quality of rice is defined from its physical and chemical characteristics. Quality of grains is required for protecting the consumers from substandard products because the samples of food materialsExpand
Effect of long-term use of inorganic and integrated fertilization on soil phosphorus fractions in rice-wheat cropping system
Soil phosphorus (P) fractions as affected by long-term use of inorganic and integrated fertilization under rice-wheat cropping system in loamy sand soil of Punjab, India were studied. The inorganic PExpand
Face Recognition using SIFT, SURF and PCA for Invariant Faces
This paper consists of review methods used for face recognitionSIFT, SURF, PCA, PCASIFT, etc. Expand
Analysis of Income Distribution among Marginal and Small Farmers in Rural Punjab
The objective of the present paper is to analyze the income pattern of the marginal and small farmers in rural Punjab. For this analysis, the state of Punjab has been divided into three regions onExpand