Sukhvinder Gill

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We report the characterization of a DNA primase/polymerase protein (PolpTN2) encoded by the pTN2 plasmid from Thermococcus nautilus. Sequence analysis revealed that this protein corresponds to a fusion between an N-terminal domain homologous to the small catalytic subunit PriS of heterodimeric archaeal and eukaryotic primases (AEP) and a C-terminal domain(More)
We expressed, purified, and characterized the helicase encoded by ORF1 of the Thermococcus nautili pTN2 plasmid (Soler et al. Nucl Acids Res 38, 5088–5104, 2010). The enzyme, which belongs to the SF1 family of helicases, possesses NTPase activity, with a strong preference for ATP and GTP as compared to CTP and TTP; dATP was also a substrate. Triphosphatase(More)
A combination of three enzymes from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus nautili, DNA primase PolpTN2, DNA polymerase PolB, and pTN2 DNA helicase, was found to synthesize up to 300–400 ng/µl dsDNA from deoxynucleotide triphosphates in less than 30 min in the absence of added template DNA and oligonucleotide primer. The reaction did not occur below 64(More)
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