Sukhpreet Kaur

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Textual document clustering technique was introduced in the area of text mining. The two important main goals in document clustering are achieving high performance or efficiency and obtaining highly accurate data clusters that are closed to their natural classes or textual document cluster quality To enhance this work, we are going to propose a new hybrid(More)
BACKGROUND Granulomatous prostatitis is an uncommon entity that is diagnosed incidentally on histopathology and is broadly classified as nonspecific, specific, postsurgical (post-transurethral resection), or secondary to other rare systemic granulomatous diseases. Only very few studies are available in the literature that describe the clinical and(More)
Balantidiasis is a rare zoonotic disease in humans. Balantidium coli is the causative ciliated protozoan. We present a case of urinary balantidiasis in a patient having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who was on steroids for a long time. He has no symptoms of bowel or urinary involvement. We are reporting this case because of its rarity in(More)
The pattern of mixing multiple images so as to get a single, well developed image is well established. Various fusion methods have been advanced in literature. The current paper is based on image Fusion using PCA and Genetic Algorithm. The pictures of equal size are considered for experimentation. In order to overcome the problems of conventional techniques(More)
As the data on the web is growing rapidly, more and more people rely on the search engines to explore the web .Due to heterogeneous and unstructured nature of the web data, Web mining uses various data mining techniques to extract hidden useful knowledge from Web hyperlinks, page content and web usage logs. Web Usage Mining is one of the applications of(More)
Rotationally invariant transforms, namely, angular radial transform and polar harmonic transforms such as polar cosine transform, polar sine transform and polar complex exponential transforms, are used to characterize image features for a number of applications like logo recognition, face recognition etc. But the computation of features using these(More)
Accurate location of each ode is highly desirable to achieve high performance of WSN and various optimization techniques are used like as Particle Swarm Optimization, Biogeography Based Optimization, Pollination based algorithm for the optimizes location determination of nodes in WSN. In this paper we have proposed PBO to determine the optimized location of(More)