Sukhpreet Kaur

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Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Edge detection techniques for particle analysis, a comparative study have been shown and a new algorithm is proposed for removing the problem of non-uniform background illumination in biological images such as visualizing and estimation of growth of a fungus in a particular sample to transform the input image to its(More)
— Electronic publishing has gained importance with the widespread use of Internet. It involves transmission of digital data in bulk from one place to another. It brings various threats to the data in form of illegal copying, redistribution of copyright contents and forgery. Watermarking provides authentication and copyright protection to the multimedia(More)
Radio resources in wireless communication systems, implementing different multiple access techniques, must be wisely managed. This perspective is pivotal since the variations in propagation channel are very fast. This complexity in the cellular system periodically contributes to different interference levels, high or low, resulting in the degradation of the(More)
Balantidiasis is a rare zoonotic disease in humans. Balantidium coli is the causative ciliated protozoan. We present a case of urinary balantidiasis in a patient having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who was on steroids for a long time. He has no symptoms of bowel or urinary involvement. We are reporting this case because of its rarity in(More)
The pattern of mixing multiple images so as to get a single, well developed image is well established. Various fusion methods have been advanced in literature. The current paper is based on image Fusion using PCA and Genetic Algorithm. The pictures of equal size are considered for experimentation. In order to overcome the problems of conventional techniques(More)
Rotationally invariant transforms, namely, angular radial transform and polar harmonic transforms such as polar cosine transform, polar sine transform and polar complex exponential transforms, are used to characterize image features for a number of applications like logo recognition, face recognition etc. But the computation of features using these(More)
— In this research paper a technique is introduced to improve Bit Error Rate in cognitive radio. In this paper the FHSS of 32-bit and DSSS of 16-bit is implemented in the network. After implementation of proposed technique results are produced which shown that the proposed approach is far better than that of existing work to reduce BER in a network. Network(More)