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OBJECTIVE Robotic gynecological surgery is feasible in obese patients, but there remain concerns about the safety of this approach because the positioning required for pelvic surgery can exacerbate obesity-related changes in respiratory physiology. The objective of our study was to evaluate pulmonary and all-cause complication rates in obese women(More)
We tested the hypothesis that extra early physical contact between mother and infant enhances aspects of their early relationship. Healthy, middle-class mothers and their healthy, firstborn, singleton infants delivered vaginally at full-term were randomly assigned to receive either regular contact (RC; N = 39) or extra early physical contact (EC; N = 39)(More)
A simple culture system devoid of antigen-presenting cells was used to examine the ability of immobilized antibodies to lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1 (LFA-1) (CD11a), CD28 and CD4 or CD8 to modulate the responses of normal murine CD4+ and CD8+ lymph node T cells to immobilized anti-CD3 antibody and interleukin-2 (IL-2). All the antibodies(More)
THE question of sub-arachnoid hemorrhage is one which the majority of medical textbooks practically ignore, though recently several articles have been published in the medical journals. It is not as rare a condition as is generally believed, as sporadic cases are continually occurring, and occasionally one finds what might almost be called a mild epidemic.(More)
A RECENT monogram issued by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, on "The MIortality from the Principal Cardio-vascular Renal Diseases During the Twenty-Years Period from 1911 till 1930," shows how great a factor these diseases are in influencing the death-rate. For the age period 1-24 years approximately eight per cent. of all (leaths are due(More)
OBJECTIVE Increasing body mass index (BMI) and administered doses of oxytocin are related to maternal and neonatal morbidities. We evaluated the effect of oxytocin dosage, BMI, and their interaction on select perinatal outcomes. STUDY DESIGN We retrospectively studied nulliparas with singletons ≥36 weeks' gestation who received oxytocin and reached the(More)
We tested the hypothesis that extra early physical contact between mother and infant is associated with prolonged breast-feeding. Healthy, advantaged mothers and their healthy, mature, vaginally-delivered, firstborn infants were randomly assigned to receive either regular contact (N = 39) or extra early contact beginning approximately one-half hour after(More)
BACKGROUND Advanced training in nephrology should provide broad experience in all aspects of nephrology. In Australia, the Specialist Advisory Committee in Nephrology oversees nephrology training, and recent increases in advanced trainee numbers have led to concern about dilution of training experience. No study has examined variations in clinical exposure(More)