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Rett syndrome (RTT) is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder, predominantly caused by mutations in the X-linked Methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 (MECP2) gene. Patients present with numerous functional deficits including intellectual disability and abnormalities of movement. Clinical and biochemical features may overlap with those seen in patients with primary(More)
During male development, the testes move from a high intraabdominal position and descend into the scrotum. The gubernaculum, an inguinoscrotal ligament connecting the testis to the lower abdomen, is believed to play a critical role in this process. The first stage of testicular descent is controlled by insulin like3 hormone (INSL3), produced in testicular(More)
Clinical thyrotoxicosis is rare in molar pregnancy and has yet to be reported in a patient with a partial mole. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which has thyrotropic activity, is believed to be responsible for hyperthyroidism of gestational trophoblastic activity and hyperemesis gravidarum. We report the first case of hyperthyroidism presenting as(More)
Voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) play critical roles in cardiac and skeletal muscle contractions, hormone and neurotransmitter release, as well as slower processes such as cell proliferation, differentiation, migration and death. Mutations in VGCCs lead to numerous cardiac, muscle and neurological disease, and their physiological function is tightly(More)
The main aim of this study was to evaluate genotoxic effects of pesticides in association with glutathione S-transferase (GST) polymorphism. To achieve this aim, DNA damage and the genotypes of the GSTM1 and GSTT1 genes were studied from blood lymphocytes of pesticide-exposed and unexposed (control) agricultural workers of the Punjab region of northwestern(More)
Hydatid cyst is endemic in central parts of India, caused by infection with Echinococcus granulosus larva leading to development of cysts. Liver is most commonly involved organ. Isolated splenic hydatidosis is a very rare entity and only small clinical series or case reports have addressed the issue of splenic echinococcosis. We, hereby, present a case of(More)
— This paper present a method to improved the edges of clustered soybean seeds by using filter method. The method is based on classical morphological operations, and it was designed to work even under far-from-ideal conditions, including variation in the illumination and low contrast between seeds and background. The proposal shows a good performance under(More)
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