Sukhen Das

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Dengue viral attacks have been reported in various parts of India in recent years. In this paper we report on our studies of the characterisation and evolutionary aspects of gene sequences of the envelope glycoprotein of the prevalent Indian dengue virus type 1. Comparison with sequences from other countries shows that the envelope genes identified in India(More)
The sudden emergence of a human infecting strain of H7N9 influenza virus in China in 2013 leading to fatalities in about 30% of the cases has caused wide concern that additional mutations in the strain leading to human to human transmission could lead to a deadly pandemic. It may happen in a short time span as the outbreak of H7N9 is more and more(More)
Rotavirus, the major cause of infantile nonbacterial diarrhea, was found to be associated with development of diabetes-associated auto-antibodies. In our study we tried to find out further potential autoimmune threats of this virus using bioinformatics approach. We took rotaviral proteins to study similarity with Homo sapiens proteome and found most(More)
18-50nm sized copper oxide nanoparticle has been synthesized by an ecofriendly method where seed electrolyte of Vigna radiata act as a phytoreducer to reduce three different copper salts separately [copper (nitrate, sulphate, chloride)]. Fastest reaction followed by smallest nanoparticle was obtained when electrolyte reacted with copper nitrate. Morphology(More)
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